Centralized Management Server Software NAS Protocol NAS-8500 -old Software

Centralized Management Server Software NAS Protocol NAS-8500 -old Software


Description : 

System package consists of server software and other auxiliary software.
NAS-8500 is a pure software server which requires only low investment and operating costs because of its strong performance and good scalability, it adopts mainstream server configuration to the stability of the primary considerations, we recommend tower or rack-mounted server and it supports operating systems of Windows7/8/Server 2003/2008/2012.


For managing and dispatching all IP paging microphones, intercom and PA terminals.
1. Unified management of all IP intercom devices in the system, including paging microphones, intercom terminals, PA terminals and interface devices.
2. To display various types of terminal status in real time, e.g., IP address, volume, task status etc. available for remotely adjusting volume for all terminals.
3. To configure kinds of terminal parameters:Terminal Name、right of PA/Intercom/
Monitoring etc.
4. With voice-collecting function via the sound card to broadcast music or
announcement to designated terminals at certain time or in real time.
5.With file broadcasting function to play audio files in server to the designated terminals.
6.With timing task function to play content in file list to preseted terminals at designated time.
7. With fire broadcast function to play emergency evacuation voice to IP terminals in designated area when server receives a trigger signal.
8. With program management function for maintenance of necessary audio files in system to be called by workstation or terminal.
9. To provide data interface to workstation and give corresponding operation permissions according to account.
10. With log to record each call and broadcasting operation for query.
11. Supportive of 1000 terminals to be logged in a single server and with the interconnection capability of servers up to 64.
12. Supportive of hot standby to enhance system reliability


Program production software.
Each server requires a dongle as a professional license which allows 1000 terminals (or paging microphones) to be logged in. The system allows maximum 64 servers interconnection which expands capacity to 64,000 terminals. The purpose of adopting hardware dongle is for changing and upgrading server conveniently.


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NAS-8500 Installation Manual


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NAS-8500 User Manual

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