IP Split Type Audio Intercom Controller NAS-8521A


IP Split Type Audio Intercom Controller

item code:- NAS-8521A

Business consulting and emergency calling at ATM

(Automatic Teller Machine) or self-service areas in bank.


With the unique split design of the terminal and the panel to avoid the exposure of the network line in the user area, which will ensure the safety of the network in banks;

The functions of the Terminal:

A). With a REC port for audio recording by DVR; with 2 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs ;

B). Supportive of the SD card whose audio files can be locally or remotely triggered to play (such as the notification of the safe withdrawal) and remotely updated.

C). With 2x10W digital amplifier module for option; available to connect with the external speakers to play the background music.

D). With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.;

to connect with NAS-8521B & NAC-8521C & NAS-8521E




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NAS-8521A Installation Manual


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NAS-8521A User Manual

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