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Integrated Solutions, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Attendance System, Access Control System, Warning System, Networks, Servers, UPS, Tracking Devices
Smart Systems, Sound System, IP Telephone, Smart Home, IP TV
BMS, RMS, everything related To Low current Systems

Attendance System AND Access Control


Attendance System, we link brunches Together BioTime From ZK, and BioStar Platform and a lot of attendance solutions, Payroll, HR, Access Door Solutions  and smart parking and InBio and much more.

Smart Homes, Smart Technology, BMS, RMS


We Can Make Everything Smart, Except Popole 😊Smart Home Solutions, Building management Systems BMS, Room Management Systems RMS, Alarm Systems, nurse Call Systems NCS, Automation, and much more.

Security Surveillance CCTV
Smart Camera


Security CCTV, indoor and outdoor, IP and analog POS, ANPR, face detection, PTZ, monitors Wall, smart camera, People Counting, video Surveillance software, milestone, and much more!


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Believe it or not we care about the quality more than you! Products quality, installation quality ,If we have bad quality it mean that we have to see your face everyday 🙂 , to be honest we don’t want to see your face except if you’re planning to buy from us, that’s why we do care about quality,

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We always make sure our Team become more professional in the installations work and follow the worldwide Standards and Local Standards.

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we always want our Products to be Smart, using AI artificial intelligence or any other smart technology. there is no enough smart people in this world 🙂 Products must be Smart.

360 oTotal Security Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Fingerprint Door Access and Access Control System.

Fingerprint Door Access

Control Everything  you want using your Smart Phone.

Home Automation System

Watch everything you want from anywhere you want,

CCTV System

2000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?